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Our Mission

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

We like to think about our hotel as a place for travellers and as a place representing a Journey.
A journey thought not only as a way to cover a distance in space and time, but which is mostly search and desire.
A journey thirty years long, that started almost like a game, for the pleasure of the Founder to try new ways, no matter how improbable or unknown they might seem at that moment.

A journey along which has been built a tradition of nice family hospitality that is now going on with a new group. A new group whose aim is to start again from that same desire of experimentation, ready to “write”, page after page, a new story, looking forward to further emotion.

Is there any better word to express the most authentic way to live one moment’s experience?

That moment which cannot be the same for everybody, because everybody is different.
That moment which every one of us would like to live only for himself.
That moment in which we finally put ourselves in the center.
That moment which becomes one and special because it is dedicated to the person, through a smile, a perfume, a sensation.

….measure your time in minutes and life in moments


BRIANTEO, l’hotel.
Literally: about Brianza.

In this part of the world, in this place, here and now. Here, not far from the center, near to ourselves. Now, after thirty years, in a world exasperating the differences, maybe to cancel them, but therefore forgetting its values.
It doesn’t matter what we have been yesterday and where we will be tomorrow; now we are here and it is a pity to think about something else, forgetting ourselves.
Hospitality and warmth of a place where to place ourselves again into the centre, appreciating the sense and the qualities of the things around us.

FEELING, the restaurant.
Literally: sensibility,sensation, emotion, sense, humanity

The true spirit to live an experience that is really unique and personal.
Different locations for the most various occasions, calling all senses to taste something special.

MOONRISE, the spa (salus per aquam)
Literally: the moment when the moon rises.

The moment when lights go down, rhythm slows down, thoughts give room to sensations and find rest in the care of the body, the soul, the spirit, in one of the different wellness programs.


Few words to explain who we are
and the invitation to continue the journey with us,
to turn that page,
to discover the emotions in the spaces that
we are preparing for you with keenness.


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